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Acupuncture and the Heart

The heart is a gem of an organ, and like gems that have facets that sparkle and shine, the heart has many different functions within the body. So how can we strengthen our hearts? What are the functions of the heart?  And, how can acupuncture help heal the heart? In Chinese Medicine the heart is called the Emperor.  This is a deeply profound title.  Emperors in China had reached the peak of accomplishment, they were revered…

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Acupuncture and the Brain

Acupuncture and the Brain   As we begin our new year we tend to take a step back to evaluate our lives and our health to determine what is working and what needs change. Our bodies and minds have been overloaded through the holiday season, and then just like that it is over and we’re thrust back into our regular routine. For many people the holidays create a sense of urgency, as for several months…

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